Introduction – Artemis


This is Artemis. Goes by Arty in short. He’s my cat. A bit of information, to introduce him:

  • He’s three years old at the time I’m writing this post.
  • We’ve (me and my partner) had him for almost a year and a half now.
  • He came with the name. When we were driving him from the shelter back home, I kept calling his name and he kept responding by meowing, so we figured he knows his name and decided to keep it. We middle named him Rainbow since it rained and we saw a rainbow while we were driving him back home also. It’s kind of hilarious to name an all-white cat Rainbow.
  • He was a stray kitty but must have had some people around since he socialized and did not become feral. Poor kitty cat has been to the shelter twice. He’s never going back again.
  • His original name was Jack. Somehow I can’t see him as a Jack at all, it doesn’t suit him.
  • We believe he was named after the white cat Artemis from Sailor Moon manga. We were trying to find a hashtag for him and a bunch of them came back with the cartoon cat, so we realized that’s probably his namesake.
  • According to his vet paperwork, he’d had an undescended testicle. Random fact to know about your cat.
  • He’s a bit of a tomcat since he was neutered pretty late, around 1 year old, and had time to develop muscles due to testosterone. The fact that he was neutered late makes us wonder if he’s ever had kittens.

We love him so much! If you’re ever contemplating getting a cat (or any animal, really), please adopt. There are so many good cats out there, needing a forever home. We’re so happy we are able to provide him a good life.

So there you go! Now you know a bit about my cat as well. Hopefully I’ll write about him further in the future.